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Out Next Three Films Of Our Season 2019-2020

Showing: 22 January 2020
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Showing: 5 February 2020
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Showing: 12 February 2020
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Our Film Season 2019-2020

Doors open 30 minutes before a show. We don’t show any adverts, so please make sure to arrive in good time to get your ticket and seat.

Leave No Trace film screenshot


Wednesday 4 September 2019, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2018 | USA | 104m | Cert 12 | Drama

Will, an Iraqi war veteran, and his teenage daughter Tom, have been living “off the grid” for several years in the forests of Portland, Oregon. Their life is harsh, but at the same time idyllic. A chance encounter with a jogger sucks them back into the system, but after clashing with their new surroundings, Will and Tom set off on a perilous journey back to their wild homeland.
Attendance Returns 5 4 3 2 1 Average
98 96 38 51 5 2 0 83%
A Fantastic Woman film screenshot


Wednesday 11 September 2019, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2017 | Chile | 100m | Cert 15 | Drama

Marina, a transgender nightclub singer, comes under suspicion when her much older lover Orlando dies suddenly. Met with suspicion from the police and contempt from her lover’s relatives, Marina finds herself placed under intense scrutiny, with no regard for her privacy, or her grief. Faced with the threat of losing everything, Marina finds the strength to fight back.
Attendance Returns 5 4 3 2 1 Average
90 90 27 46 17 0 0 78%
Wajib film screenshot


Wednesday 2 October 2019, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2017 | Palestine | 96m | Cert 15 | Drama

Nazareth, the present. Shadi has returned home from Italy for the wedding of his sister Amal, and is now accompanying his father Abu, as they drive around town in Abu's battered old Volvo, hand-delivering the wedding invitations, as is required by custom.
Attendance Returns 5 4 3 2 1 Average
110 109 27 51 28 3 0 74%
Summer 1993 film screenshot


Wednesday 23 October 2019, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2017 | Spain | 101m | Cert 12A | Drama/Family

Six-year-old Frida looks on in silence as the last objects from her recently deceased mother's apartment in Barcelona are placed in boxes. Although her aunt, uncle, and younger cousin Anna welcome her with open arms, it's only very slowly that Frida begins to get used to her new home in the countryside.
Attendance Returns 5 4 3 2 1 Average
110 107 28 45 29 3 2 73%
Cold War film screenshot


Wednesday 6 November 2019, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2018 | Poland | 89m | Cert 15 | Drama

In the post-war ruins, Wiktor and Zula fall deeply, obsessively and destructively in love. As performing musicians, they are forced into the Soviet propaganda machine, but dream of escaping to the creative freedom of the West. One day they spot their chance to make a break for Paris and make a split decision that will change their lives forever.
Attendance Returns 5 4 3 2 1 Average
98 94 33 37 21 2 1 77%
The Guardians film screenshot


Wednesday 20 November 2019, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2017 | France | 135m | Cert 15 | Drama/War

France, 1915. On the Paridier farm the women grapple with the workload under the watchful eye and deft hand of Hortense, the family matriarch. Most of their menfolk, including two of Hortense's sons, are away at war. Reluctantly Hortense brings in an outsider, the orphan Francine, to help her daughter Solange with the chores.
Attendance Returns 5 4 3 2 1 Average
93 92 31 37 19 4 1 76%
Faces Places film screenshot


Wednesday 11 December 2019, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2017 | France | 94m | Cert 12A | Documentary

Legendary French film director Agnès Varda and hipster muralist JR take us on the most appealing of road trips. Charming, eye-opening, and consistently hilarious, this photographic adventure through a series of French villages highlights the changes through rural life and how people of all ages are responding.
Attendance Returns 5 4 3 2 1 Average
106 104 47 39 13 5 0 81%
Shoplifters film screenshot


Wednesday 8 January 2020, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2018 | Japan | 121m | Cert 15 | Crime/Drama

A Japanese family living on inadequate incomes avail themselves of the fruits of shoplifting to make ends meet. Their routine is about to change from care-free to something more dramatic, however, when they take in a child they find outside in the cold.
Attendance Returns 5 4 3 2 1 Average
132 124 47 60 16 1 0 81%
Foxtrot film screenshot


Wednesday 22 January 2020, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2018 | Israel | 113m | Cert 15 | Drama

A desolate military checkpoint is manned by four young Israeli soldiers who endure the hours of boredom that occur between cars arriving for inspection. Meanwhile, at home, the parents of one of the boys are devastated by the news of his sudden death, though the circumstances surrounding this take unexpected twists.
The Divine Order film screenshot


Wednesday 5 February 2020, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2017 | Switzerland | 96m | Cert 12 | Crime/Drama

The year is 1970 and the suffragettes of Switzerland are marching for the vote. Hang on a minute, 1970? Yep! Swiss women only gained the vote in 1971. This comedy-drama gives us the fictional story of Nora, a housewife, who finds her voice during the Swiss referendum.
The Guilty film screenshot


Wednesday 12 February 2020, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2018 | Denmark | 85m | Cert 15 | Crime/Thriller

When police officer Asger Holm is demoted to desk work and confined to the police station, he expects a sleepy beat as an emergency dispatcher. That all changes when he answers a panicked phone call from a kidnapped woman who then disconnects abruptly.
Woman At War film screenshot


Wednesday 4 March 2020, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2017 | Iceland | 101m | Cert 12A | Adventure/Comedy

Behind the scenes of her quiet routine, Halla leads a double life as a passionate environmental activist, secretly waging a one-woman war on the local aluminium industry. As she begins planning her biggest and boldest operation yet, she receives an unexpected letter that changes everything.
1945 film screenshot


Wednesday 18 March 2020, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2017 | Hungary | 91m | Cert 12A | Drama

12 August 1945, 11 am. Two mysterious strangers dressed in black appear at the railway station of a Hungarian village where the local people are preparing for a wedding. Within a few hours, everything changes. Secrets, sins, reckoning, love, betrayal and more are unearthed during the course of one day.
The Wife film screenshot


Wednesday 1 April 2020, 7:45, Swindon Arts Centre

2017 | USA | 101m | Cert 15 | Drama

A wife questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm to see her husband receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. Behind any great man, there's sometimes a greater woman and you're about to meet her as played by Oscar-nominated Glenn Close.

Overall Audience Feedback

The table below represents the audience feedback, for all films shown to date.

Attendance Returns 5 4 3 2 1 Average
105 102 35 46 19 3 1 78%